James Lawrence – Find A Lover (Music)

Check out this song I worked on.  Its called “Find A Lover” by James Lawrence.

I recently signed up at Joe Gilder’s Home Studio Corner.  A website/ forum (and more) to learn and practice music production techniques.

They periodically do “Challenges” which are learning opportunities with specific goals and purposes in mind.  This was my first one.

The August 2020 challenge was to take the extremely beautiful (but raw) tracks from Australian singer/songwriter/artist James Lawrence and produce a finished track on a deadline.

Here’s a SoundCloud link to a quick sample teaser of what the original tracks sounded like:


And here is my submission:
The first link is to a higher quality .WAV file in a DropBox.

James Lawrence “Find A Lover” song remix (High Quality.)

Drop Box Download Icon

-The second link below (the SoundCloud version) is lower quality and best for lower bandwidth scenarios.



Please let me know what you think about the track. The point is to have fun, but also to learn from it. If you have any opinions (good or bad) what could sound better, etc.  -Please let me know. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy it.

The hidden truth about the Men’s room.

I did some traveling last week. I went to and from Las Vegas for a tradeshow. I flew from DIA (Denver Internation Airport) to McCarran and back again.

I like to get to the airport extra early, and not have to worry about the timeliness of getting through security and so forth.

‘Nature called’ a couple of times at both airports. (Coffee flows freely in my travel routines.) While doing so, I had the time to make an observation. Once I noticed this, I couldn’t ‘un-see’ it… and it disgusts me.

So here it is: only about 50% of my fellow hurried travelers in the men’s room washed their hands. Granted, this was an unscientific guess. I didn’t do a headcount. (HA! see what I did there?)

Mostly it was guys running in to use an urinal…
…and then running back out.

But even more disturbing, I happened to notice some sit-down lavatory users who bypassed the washing sinks too. Freaking gross people. Seriously?

Come on, guys; do better.  All the facilities were fully stocked with supplies, they were clean appearing, and had plenty of space for everyone to do what needed to be done, even at busy times.  There really wasn’t any reason NOT to wash properly.

Generally, I don’t notice such unsanitary habits in restaurants or most other public places. Sometimes at busy ‘guy-centric’ events like sporting events or concerts, the lack of washing can be noticeable. But really is there any excuse?  Rushing through the airport shouldn’t preclude the need for modern common sense washing habits.

Let’s do better fellas. If you are really that hurried, maybe you should get there sooner? As a PSA, here’s a reminder of what washing your hands should actualy look like:

B.B. King Doodle on Google

Today I was pleasantly surprised to see the B.B. King Doodle on Google. A nice tribute and recognition of someone that isn’t normally a Google topic.

Google Doodle’s, when not celebrating something technology or science-related have become a bit too political and ‘for the cause’ oriented. Nice to see someone non-political being shown.


Full Moon Friday 13th

Some people wonder “How can anyone NOT believe in Global Warming?”

Simple: We live in a world where it’s easier for certain people to believe in superstitious things like Tarot cards, and Full Moon on Friday the 13th.

Photo by Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash

Mysterious, unexplainable forces, alien encounters, and other unseen spirits make more sense than the actions of mankind affecting the planet. I believe because these unseen forces (or ‘the will of God?’) are bigger than any human action. The forces of such superstitions are timeless. They are unknowable. Immovable. They are inevitable, and mankind is doomed to the fates. So why worry about the pitiful machinations of humans? Just nonsense to think humans are at fault, or responsible for things on such a scale.